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From the Director

I am pleased to welcome all those interested in the offer of the Institute of Control and Computation Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology: future students, Ph.D. students, scientists working in other centres and entrepreneurs. Our Institute is a part of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology WUT, the largest faculty of the University. As for the technical sciences, the Institute is distinguished by a relatively long tradition, as already in 1955 the Department of Automation and Telemechanics was established (more in the History section).

The Institute's faculty staff members participate in teaching in the field of automatic control and robotics as well as computer science, B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. studies (more in the section  Teaching). We also conduct courses in English language studies and postgraduate studies in the field of information systems security and biometrics, design of information systems with databases, project management and IT resources management (more in the Postgraduate Studies section).

The key to ensuring good quality education in technical sciences is an appropriate balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Our faculty staff carry out research in the field of automatic control and robotics as well as computer science. They actively cooperate with other research centres and industry. We also have well-equipped laboratories, both in terms of hardware and software (more in the section Our laboratories). Thanks to this approach to teaching, our graduates have the skills to further their self-education and thus to adapt flexibly to changing conditions on the labour market. They are able not only to carry out typical projects but also solve original project tasks. Graduates have a good reputation among employers. They have no problems with finding employment in line with their field of study.

The topics of research conducted at the Institute are very broad.

  1. In the field of automatic control, research is concerned, among others, with: advanced control, optimising control, adaptive control, modelling, forecasting, identification, industrial process control systems (programmable logic controllers, industrial networks, DCS and SCADA systems).
  2. In the field of robotics, research is concerned, among others, with: navigation of mobile robots, robot programming, robot control, image and recognition speech in robotics.
  3. In the field of computer science, research is concerned, among others, with: software engineering, operating systems, embedded systems, databases, security of ICT networks and systems, biometrics, machine learning, the Internet of Things, ad hoc networks, optimisation and decision support, operational research, project planning and scheduling.

It is worth noting that many of the research areas mentioned above are interdisciplinary, they lie at the interface between automatic control, robotics and computer science. The Institute's faculty staff members, often in cooperation with other research centres, design original solutions from the theoretical point of view, while later, usually in cooperation with industry, they also actively participate in their practical implementation. This is evidenced by publications and projects.

Prof. Cezary Zieliński, Ph.D., D.Sc.