The Operating Systems Laboratory is designed to provide students with practical knowledge and experience of system programming, including programming the core of the operating system.

The courses prepare students for research work. A unique feature of the laboratory is the close and ongoing cooperation of the scientific staff with the students, which guarantees high efficiency of the work, as well as an exceptionally favourable atmosphere for scientific development.

The laboratory is equipped with biometric hardware and software, in particular commercial devices that form the basis of many advanced biometric access control systems worldwide.

In the basics of automatic control laboratory, the main classes are taught in the Basic Automatic Control and Programmable Controllers subjects.

Institute of Control and Computation Engineering conducts scientific research and teaching in the field of automation and robotics and also computer science. More...

DCS process simulation SCADA prediction and forecasting advanced control predictive control industrial networks industrial automation systems control of complex systems programmable controllers robotic controller architectures manipulator kinematics mobile robot navigation machine perception neural networks speech recognition impedance control position-force control vision servomechanisms distributed systems operational research databases network security big data biometrics internet of things software engineering auction and exchange mechanisms software modeling parallel programming distributed programming cloud computing software quality assessment optymalisation project planning scheduling resource allocation computer networks microprocessor systems operating systems real-time operating systems embedded systems machine learning image recognition robot programming decision support
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