Robotics Laboratories

The Robotics Laboratories of the Institute of Control and Computation Engineering consist of two rooms located in the basement of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology. They include modern and unique equipment, adequate to the didactic courses, research and diploma theses. The laboratories are equipped with two-monitor computer workstations for developing, testing and launching software for robots and artificial intelligence systems, as well as a number of manipulation and mobile robots and facilities for developing and assembling electronic components. The research and diploma work focuses on several areas related to robotics:

  •     navigation of mobile robots,
  •     two-handed manipulation with the feeling of force in service robots,
  •     grabbing objects,
  •     to recognize images,
  •     Video servo,
  •     Planning and optimizing robot tasks,
  •     software engineering issues in application to robot controllers,
  •     development and adaptation of hardware controllers for robot engines as well as various sensors used in robotics.

The courses prepare students for research work. A unique feature of the laboratory is the close and ongoing cooperation of the scientific staff with the students, which guarantees high efficiency of the work, as well as an exceptionally favourable atmosphere for scientific development.

The Robot Programming Group closely works with Students Group Bionik,  which brings together students of the Warsaw University of Technology who want to broaden their knowledge in the field of robotics. Students at the group deal with mobile and manipulative robots, with a strong emphasis on their autonomy of operation. The group implements rector's grants, which include the Bionikalia sports robot competition, as well as special robots, including a team of small robots with a variable way of transporting mini Ryś.