Design and construction of the air-to-water heat pump controller

Financing: project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under Programu Operacyjnego Innowacyjna Gospodarka.

The project was carried out by a consortium: Politechnika Warszawska, Plum sp. z.o.o.

The amount of the grant awarded: PLN 702000.
Implementation period: 2013-2015.
The aim of the project was to develop a microprocessor controller for air heat pumps maximizing their efficiency. This work is not only economic but also ecological. It contributes to reducing the demand for conventional energy sources. The following activities were carried out in order to carry out the task:
  1. Development of the design of the controller.
  2. Researching the object (heat pump) and developing the control algorithm.
      a) Identification of dynamic heat pump models.
      b) Developing algorithms for predictive heat pump regulation.
      c) Development of the control system and optimisation of the cascade heat pump system operation.
  3. Verification, functional testing, selection and tuning of the control algorithm.
The tests were carried out on a test stand built by the business consortium member. As a result of the project, a microprocessor controller of the heat pump was designed and built, in which the developed control algorithm is implemented.
The development and implementation of a new generation of microprocessor-based controllers for air/water heat pumps improved their functional and energy properties. Thanks to the application of the new regulator, the seasonal energy efficiency index is higher by approx. 5-10 % compared to classical solutions.

Information: strona producenta regulatora mikroprocesorowego pompy ciepła.