Digital Repository of Documents

Financing: the project was implemented as a pilot project Narodowego Centrum Badań i Rozwoju "Wsparcie badań naukowych i prac rozwojowych w skali demonstracyjnej" Demonstrator+.

The project was carried out by a consortium: Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych S.A. (consortium leader), Politechnika Warszawska, Skytechnology sp. z o.o.

The amount of the grant awarded: 3.966.064 zł.

Implementation period: 2013-2016.

Project Manager from WUT: Tomasz Traczyk, Ph.D., reader.

The aim of the CREDO project was to develop and launch a demo version of the digital repository, enabling short- and long-term archiving of large volumes of digital resources. Ultimately, the repository will serve both as a secure file repository and as a digital archive with metadata management, archive packaging, etc. One of the important functional features of the system is the ability to handle various, currently available on the market, data carriers: hard drives, SSD, tape carriers, etc. The repository ensures high security level of stored information. The security of reading information is ensured by mechanisms of writing replication in the repository file system and dislocation, allowing for storing copies of resources in more than one location. The repository architecture allows, as new technologies emerge, to exchange and constantly upgrade individual components. The created solution is intended for institutions which store large digital resources in the long term, such as cultural institutions, media, state administration offices and health service.

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