Computer Networks Laboratory

The Computer Networks Laboratory within the Computer Networks (SK) course allows students to become familiar with real network devices, their configuration and operation. The equipment includes CISCO routers, 3Com switches and Cabletron. As part of the exercises, students configure static and dynamic routing using various protocols (RIP, OSPF). They configure virtual local area networks (VLAN). They study the influence of different configuration parameters on the quality of streaming transmission. They observe the influence of traffic shaping and prioritization algorithms on the transmitted data. They analyze the packets sent and received. They learn to diagnose problems they encounter. They configure address translation (NAT and PAT), firewall, DHCP and DNS servers. A great advantage of the computer network lab is the contact with real network devices and full access to computer operating systems. The advantage is also the possibility of: observation of signaling diodes, physical cable switching, working with administrator rights. Such environment gives a sense of reality of performed activities, which in the era of widespread virtualization and simulators becomes an invaluable, often unique experience. And all this in a safe environment, where the operation in just a few minutes restores the initial state of the whole environment, even in case of serious errors and mistakes.