Software Engineering Group

Group Head: Andrzej Zbigniew Zalewski, Ph.D., D.Sc.

The subject of the team's research are methods of software development and evaluation of its quality. The scope of research includes design processes, methods of analysis, design and evaluation of software quality and methods of IT audit. Apart from research work, the team operates in the IT market sector, providing consulting services in the implementation and evaluation of large IT projects. The team's competences in this area include identification and modelling of business processes, requirements analysis, preparation of IT strategies and project assumptions, testing process control and comprehensive IT audit.

Assistant professors
Szymon Kijas, D.
Andrzej Ratkowski, Ph.D. (teaching)
Marcin Szlenk, Ph.D. (teaching)
Andrzej Zbigniew Zalewski, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Klara Borowa, M.Sc.

Senior Engineers
Włodzimierz Macewicz, M.Sc.