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Our laboratories

Automatic Control Laboratories

In the basics of automatic control laboratory, the main classes are taught in the Basic Automatic Control and Programmable Controllers subjects.

Biometrics and Machine Learning Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with biometric hardware and software, in particular commercial devices that form the basis of many advanced biometric access control systems worldwide.

Optimisation and Decision Support Laboratory

The Optimisation and Decision Support Laboratory is a base for works carried out in the Operations and Systems Research Division, especially in the Optimization and Decision Support Team.

Robotics Laboratories

The courses prepare students for research work. A unique feature of the laboratory is the close and ongoing cooperation of the scientific staff with the students, which guarantees high efficiency of the work, as well as an exceptionally favourable atmosphere for scientific development.

Computer Networks Laboratory

The Computer Networks Laboratory allows students to become familiar with real network devices, their configuration and operation.

Operating Systems Laboratory

The Operating Systems Laboratory is designed to provide students with practical knowledge and experience of system programming, including programming the core of the operating system.