Cezary Zieliński

E-mail: C.Zielinski@ia.pw.edu.pl

About me: a brief CV (formal, thus boring)

List of publications: here
Selected publications:
  1. D.Sc.thesis'95: Robot Programming Methods
  2. MMAR'96: Reactive Robot Control Applied to Acquiring Moving Objects
  3. MMAR'98: Multi-Robot System Controllers
  4. RoMoCo'99: The MRROC++ System
  5. ICARCV'00: Programming and Control of Multi-Robot Systems
  6. ICARCV'00: Implementation of Control Systems for Autonomous Robots
  7. ICARCV'00: A Prototyping Tool for Validating Complex Robot Systems
  8. RoMoCo'01: A Quasi-Formal Approach to Structuring Multi-Robot System Controllers
  9. AdvRob'01: By How Much Should a General Purpose Programming Language be Extended to Become a Multi-Robot System Programming Language?
  10. RoManSy'02: Motion generators in MRROC++ based robot controllers
  11. RoMoCo'02: Reaction to Errors in Robot Systems
  12. RoMoCo'04: Specification of behavioural embodied agents
  13. RoMoCo'05: Applications of MRROC++ Robot Programming Framework
  14. MMAR'05: Systematic Approach to the Design of Robot Programming Frameworks
  15. Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences'05: Formal approach to the design of robot programming frameworks: The behavioural control case
Note: copyright and all rights in the papers are retained by the authors and by the other copyright holders.
Some other of the relatively recent publications are available upon request by e-mail: C.Zielinski@ia.pw.edu.pl

Teaching sundries:
  1. Podstawy Techniki Cyfrowej: podręcznik oraz errata
  2. Textbook (in Polish): Fundamentals of Digital Circuit Design, PWN, Warsaw 2003: table of contents and the book.
  3. Digital Circuits: transparencies
  4. MRROC++: raport
  5. MRROC++: podręcznik użytkownika
  6. MRROC++: description
  7. MRROC++: applications
  8. Maszyny kroczace: podręcznik

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  3. nowe tematy

Useful links:
  1. Robotics Laboratory of the Institute of Control and Computation Engineering: description of activities
  2. Open Robot Control Software: OROCOS
  3. EU Robotics Research Network: EURON
  4. Robotics in Europe: institutions
  5. IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Technical Committee on Programming Environments in Robotics and Automation IEEE RAS TC PEiRA