Włodzimierz Ogryczak Instytut Automatyki
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Research Interests

Theoretical research, computer solutions and interdisciplinary applications
in the area of Operations Research, Optimization and Decision Making
with the main stress on:
  • Multiple criteria analysis and decision support
    • Reference point methodology
    • Goal programming models
    • Lexicographic orders
    • Equitable preferences
  • Decision making under risk and portfolio optimization
    • Stochastic dominance and risk measures
    • LP solvable models for portfolio optimization
    • Multiple criteria models for decision making under risk
  • Linear, network and discrete programming
    • Variable Upper Bounds and other LP structures
    • Ordered MIP structures
  • Location and distribution problems
    • Multiple criteria models and analysis
    • Distribution approaches
    • Equitable solution concepts
  • Computer implementations of the solution methods

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