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Robotic agents

AI and computer vision in robotics:
  1. The SwarmItFIX project (funded by the 7th EU FP)
    Designing a planner for active supports in milling and drilling operations.

    Analysis and Design: FrontMechEngChina 2010, Prace Naukowe PW Elektronika, 2010,

    Implementation: PAR 2012, Testing: PAR 2013

    SwarmItFix-agents and bench__ SwarmItFix-heads and drilling

  2. Self-localization of a mobile robot.

    Paper in LNCS 2005
    work-protonek work-self

  3. 3D object recognition in depth maps (point clouds)
    This is an ongoing research work performed within the RobREx project, funded by the Polish NCBiR agency.
    See the image segmentation and object recognition approaches, published in LNCS 7594.

Modification: 6.01.2013