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Pattern recognition

  1. Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
    See the page of our fast and reliable adaptive (Neural Network based) Cascaded RLS PCA method (.mpeg examples)

  2. ICA features
    Features of image textures (a paper at ICCVG04).
    Features of speech signals ( a paper at IWSSIP04).
    Chceck the Polish PhD thesis of Ewa Snitkowska on ICA-based features for angiography images, or an English paper in the Archives of Control Science

  3. Steganography/watermarking tools for photo authentication in ICAO-compatible travel documents
    This is an ongoing development work within the project BioPKI, funded by the Polish NCBiR agency.
    Check the presentation at the polish conference Biometria 2012. Papers in English are being prepared.
    Check also my early work on hiding image information in another images by employing an ICA approach.

  4. Knowledge-based framework for image recognition and understanding
    The long path of my general, application-independent models for image recognition and understanding highlighted by the papers
    in Computers and Graphics and at the CISIM 2010.

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