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Computer Vision in HCI

  1. Hand gesture interpretation
    A paper in AMCS 2012.
    See the project page of a NCN grant.

  2. Hand pose recognition.
    Paper at SITIS 2011
    Paper in CISM 487
    work-hand work-hand1

  3. Clean hand inspection in color images
    An industrial development.

  4. 3D object recognition in images.

    A paper on hand-hold object recognition.

    work-obrec1 work-obrec2

    A paper on Rubik's cube recognition.


  5. Image sequence analysis

    A link to the page on image sequence analysis.

    See also:
    Adaptive computation methods in digital image sequence analysis ,
    Elektronika series, vol. 127/2000, Warsaw University of Technology Press, 2000.
    A PDF File

Modification: 6.01.2013