Andrzej Pacut

Institute of Control and Computation Engineering
Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology
Warsaw University of Technology
Nowowiejska 15/19
PL-00665 Warszawa, POLAND

Phone: +4822 6607733
Fax:     +4822 8253719


Research interests:  System Identification, Biometrics, Neural Modeling (incl. Neural Networks), Learning, Stochastic Modeling
List of publications:
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Senior Member of IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), Vice-Chairman, Poland Section IEEE
Member of
INNS (International Neural Networks Society)

Member, Polish Committee for Standardization PKN, Technical Committee 182 (System Information Safety) 


Class material in Polish

POZ         Niepewność, modelowanie i prognozowanie

SNR         Sieci neuronowe

MWS       Modele i Wnioskowanie Statystyczne


Andrzej Pacut

Jan. 2000