Biometrics and Machine Learning Group

Group Head: Prof. Andrzej Pacut, Ph.D., D.Sc.

The area of the Group's interest are control and computer science issues inspired by biology, including biometrics, machine learning, uncertainty modeling. Biometrics consists in the use of personal characteristics for identification and verification of identity. The research concerns iris identification, handwritten signature, hand shape and line, as well as security of storage and transmission of biometric data, biometric smart cards and encryption using biometrics. Research in the field of machine learning concerns enhanced learning, in particular learning algorithms, adaptive controls and multi-agent systems. The problems of learning in neural networks, issues of modelling scale are also investigated.

Prof. Andrzej Pacut, Ph.D., D.Sc

Assistant professors
Mateusz Trokielewicz, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Students
Ewelina Bartuzi, M.Sc.
Michał Hałoń, M.Sc.
Katarzyna Roszczewska, M.Sc.