Dr hab. Krzysztof Sacha

Office hours: Wednesday, 12:00


IOP: Software Engineering

Contents of the lecture


            Software Processes

            Methods And Tools

Object-Oriented Development

            Use-Case Method

            Domain Modeling

            Architecture Modeling

            Program Design and Implementation

Structured Development

            Conceptual Tools

                        Hierarchy Of Functions

                        Data Flow Diagram

                        Structure Chart

                        Entity-Relationship Diagram

            Methods And Techniques

                        Strategic Analysis

                        Structured Analysis

                        Structured Design

Software Testing

            Levels Of Testing

            Testing Process


            Methods And Tools

Project Management

            Organization Structure

            Project Planning

            Cost Estimation

            Risk Management


M. Fowler, UML Distilled: A Brief Guide To The Standard Modeling Language, Pearson Education Inc., 2004


SCZR: Real Time Systems