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Project participation

Pending projects:
  • Quality of Service and Pricing Differentation for IP Services (QoSIPS)
    (project leadership from WUT side)
    Contract Number IST-1999-20033
    Granting periond 01.11.2000 - 01.06.2002
    Coordinator: University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology

    The QoSIPS project aims to contribute to the economic development and scientific and technological prospects of the Community by providing its Network Service Providers (NSPs) with the means of exploiting the technical and social potential of Internet Protocol Network.

    The objectives of the project is to provide NSPs with an integrated system allowing them to proactively and dynamically define QoS (Quality of Service) oriented IP services (and service differentiation), optimize network engineering and provisioning and adjust pricing of these new services according to the NSP's strategic objectives.

    A hardware and software system will be designed, developed, implemented and validated that will consist of two main modules: quality module and pricing module.

Finished projects:
  • Robust methods for management and control of manufacturing systems in the case of disturbances
    KBN grant PB 788/T11/97/13
    Granting period 01.09.1997-30.06.2000
    Coordinator: ICCE

    The aim of the project is to develop planning and scheduling methods for manufacturing systems in the case when some disturbances occur due to uncertain demands, machine tools breakdowns, absence of employees, etc. Both predictive and reactive scheduling algorithms are investigated which allow to reduce the effects of disturbances. A multi-agent approach is also analysed, where the manufacturing system is modeled as a distributed system with relatively independent units.

  • Algorithms and software for advanced control and diagnostics of industrial processes
    CATID grant
    Granting period 01.10.1999-31.05.2000
    Coordinator: Institute of Automatic Control and Robotic (IAR)
    Subcontractor: ICCE

    The goal of the project is a further development of algorithms and software modules for upper-layer (supervisory) control of industrial processes, i.e., advanced control (multistep predictive control with constraints, nonlinear predictive control), set-point optimisation, identification and diagnostics. The first version of the software system REG2A for advanced control will be completed. Control system for a new pilot production line in the Laboratory of Technological Processes (Faculty of Chemistry) will be designed and control the installation completed. The installation is planned to be used in the future as a process for testing new control algorithms, and for training purposes.

    The tasks were performed by a team of researchers and PhD students from four collaborating institutes from different faculties of Warsaw University of Technology.

  • Development of methodology of control, decision support and production management
    Statutory grant 504G/036/9
    Granting period 01.06.1999-15.04.2000
    Coordinator: ICCE

  • Development of software tools for production and investry management at the Oil Division of PETROCHEMIA PŁOCK SA - Stage I
    (project leadership)
    Grant 501E/0040/000
    Granting period 14.04.1999-30.09.1999
    Coordinator: ICCE

    The objective of this work - at stage 1 - was to define both models and tasks concerned with the management of the Oil Division of the rafinery. The top-down approach was proposed, whereby scheduling of the three main production plants within the OD would be per formal first. This master schedule is then used by a system of rules for management of several parks of tanks. The second stage of the project will be devoted to building of plant simulator and to verification of the proposed management rules.

  • Developement of control, decision support and production management
    Statutory grant 504G/0368
    Granting period 01.06.1998-15.04.1999
    Coordinator: ICCE

Warsaw University of Technology (WUT)
Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology
Institute of Control and Computation Engineering

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