Systems Control Division

Complex Systems Group

Group Head:
Prof. Ewa Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz, Ph.D., D.Sc.
Area of interest
The main area of interest for the Team are problems of modeling, design, control, optimization and simulation of various types of complex real systems, including networks, ad hoc networks, social networks, economic systems and the environment. Research in the field of optimization and control are focused on developing the theory and methodology in applying model predictive control, hierarchical control structures in nonlinear systems with uncertainty, developing methods for solving continuous and discrete time optimization problems (including evolutionary optimization methods and using the arithmetic of intervals), game theory and design theory of complex systems of rules (so-called theory of mechanisms). Research in the field of computer simulation and parallel processing of information concerning such departments as: distributed operating systems, programming of parallel machines in computer networks, clusters, grids and GPUs, the creation of systems for computer-aided design and management. Particular attention is devoted to issues of modeling, management and security in computer networks, including sensor networks and mobile ad hoc networks. More information in:
Senior lecturers:

Michał Warchoł

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