Control and Software Engineering Division

Control Engineering Group

Group Head:
Prof. Piotr Tatjewski, Ph.D., D.Sc.
Area of interest
Research of the group encompasses control engineering techniques, in particular industrial process control. The focus is on predictive and fuzzy control algorithms, multilayer optimizing and supervisory control, and non-linear system control and analysis. Model-based predictive control algorithms for linear and nonlinear process modeling are developed and investigated. Soft computing methods for design and tuning of control systems are used, based first of all on fuzzy systems and neural nets. Theoretical considerations are combined with simulation analysis and investigations. Computer Control Systems Laboratory is equipped with programmable controllers, industrial computers and workstations with software tools, including Matlab with Toolboxes and SCADA systems.

Piotr Tatjewski

Senior lecturers:

Jerzy Gustowski

Ph.D. students:

Maciej Szumski

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